Volume of users is essential. Then the service is unlikely to be good – you do need a certain ‘critical mass’ of members if your database is small.

We went beyond that full years back. Nevertheless once you obtain beyond a certain point then volume will not matter a great deal whilst the form of people.

It really is a little like a birthday party that is big. If you will find just 3 individuals within the space it really is a little unfortunate, 10 is way better, 20+ is great, but as soon as you get beyond say 150 people including more individuals does not ensure it is a significantly better celebration as visitors have not the full time to meet up with most of the appropriate individuals anyhow. Definitely better to own 150 compatible(ish) individuals than a total bag that is mixed of.

That which we’re getting at is as the larger internet internet web sites make a big song and dance of ‘we now have 1 million people’.

Loveandfriends’ 100,000 people contains a lot more appropriate people than you desire to realistically contact/meet anyhow.

The web dating landscape has changed markedly since we setup in 1999. Numerous web internet sites are actually section of bigger mass-market ‘Whitelabel Networks’ and even many (arguably many) are affiliated to Adult/Casual sites aswell.