Focusing on how HIV can and cannot be sent is paramount to preventing infections that are new.

HIV is a virus that is rapidly changing, fortunately, it’s also completely preventable. Listed here are some key points to allow you to find out more about exactly just just how HIV is sent and exactly how to lessen your, or others’, chance to be infected.

HIV Should Be Present

It is possible to only be contaminated with HIV if some body taking part in a visibility situation has already been contaminated with HIV. Some individuals assume that particular actions or publicity circumstances causes HIV infection, regardless of if the herpes virus just isn’t current. This isn’t real.

There must be Adequate Virus

The concentration of HIV determines whether illness shall take place. The virus is very concentrated in blood, for example. a little quantity of blood is adequate to infect someone. The concentration of virus in bloodstream or other liquids can alter, within the person that is same as time passes. People who just just take HIV medicines as recommended might have suprisingly low levels of HIV current in fluids, significantly decreasing the threat of transmitting HIV with their lovers.