“You certain Are Hot FOR the Girl” that is asian and Ways Words Devalue People of colors

Just just exactly What do we appear to be? To linguistically dissect the areas of my human body, to cut it aside with words, way to twist and twine it with conjunctions.

This really is my looks: i’m from the reduced region of the peoples height range at five legs, two ins (well really, five foot in addition to 2 and three-quarters, pardon me). I will be slim. We have a tiny nose, small ears, and little eyes with epicanthic folds. We have a mouth that is round. We have tiny arms with stubby fingers, and moderate feet that are small-ishA american size seven). We have tiny breasts. We have light epidermis that is olive in hue. We have dark locks and eyes that are dark. All this utilizing the qualifier: because i’m Asian.